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Ruth Narramore asked 11 months ago

We have recently bought a Seastream 43 mkII but it doesn’t appear to have had jackstays fitted.  Does anyone have any advice as to how/where to fit them.  Photos would be much appreciated if possible. 

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alistair stenhouse answered 11 months ago

Hi – I,ve got a Mk3 Seastream “Tournesol” and there are 4 eyepads on the deck for jackstays. As far as I’m aware they came with the boat when new.

Unfortunately I can’t get you a photo as I live some 180 miles from my boat and the yard is closed.

Maybe Tim who has a virtually identical boat can send you a photo if he is still aboard.



DEBULOIS Claude answered 11 months ago

Hello, on Blue Peter, Seastream 43 MK1, the lifeline is fixed at the front under the genoa roller, on the stainless steel part and at the rear on a fixing frame for a stay cable. Sorry, I don’t have a photo because my Seastream is currently in Almerimar and with containment, it’s impossible to get back on board.
The MK1 is in ketch. I will try to make a plan.  Sorry for my french english.? Have a good day, Claude

Ruth Narramore answered 11 months ago

Thank you. Looks like we might be able to get to our boat so I’ll have a look at the weekend

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