A Jordan Series Drogue  (JSD) is a fully hands off storm tactic. It differs to a normal Drogue or warps  which would slow the boat but still require a degree of active helming. The JSD slows the boat down to around 2kts keeping the boat stern to the breaking sea, attached to two strong points via a V shaped bridle. The drogue can be over 150m long  with many small cones along its length.  It will sink as the boat makes way at around 2kts. If a breaking wave forms then the boat will accelerate but then slowly de-accelerated by the drogue rising to the surface as more of the cones are being brought into effect. It is this process that makes the JSD so effective.

Many would say that active helming is preferable to deploying a drogue and I would agree but this does rely on:

1. There being enough helmsmen to swap every hour for as long as the bad weather persists.  Active helming in conditions that mean the boat could surf is extremely tiring.
2. The helmsmen that are available have the skills to surf the boat.
3. The boat is directionally stable in surfing conditions.
4. You can see the approaching waves in advance and adjust accordingly (daytime).
5. Being able keep the boat speed manageable.

Failing any point above then a JSD comes into its own.

Rather than repeating information please take a look at this page on my website which documents the setup on Shadowfax and gives an account of when I used it sailing to the Azores in July 2020.

When I had to use the Jordan Series Drogue!