The engine on all Seastream yachts is located beneath the saloon and much thought was given to access. The floor boards are heavily built with 10cm of insulation in the MKIII versions and each can be locked down independently. With all the floor boards lifted a vast area of access is achieved .The photos below shows 7 of 8 panels lifted up to expose full engine access and also access to the water maker, grey tank and aux bilge pump setup.

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Generally the Seastream was built with best practice in mind but will differ. This MKIII shows many of the features that you will find in all models. Here are some:

    • Main engine compartment sealed by bulkheads over the waterline. Many features of the boat construction are with safety in mind if holed.
    • Auxiliary bilge pump to remote places around the boat such as forward cabin and sail locker which are sealed areas.
    • Full ventilated by thermostatically controlled extractor.
    • 6 ball valves allowing different configurations of Main and Aux fuel tanks.
    • Aqua drive unit for anti vibration.
    • 6kw Generator
    • High output watermaker.
    • Automatic fire extinguisher.
    • Fuel tanks not in the main engine bay and separated by bulkheads.