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Frederik Johannsen asked 3 years ago

Greatings, I would be most grateful if someone could advise me of where to get my hand on an old, but usable Whitlock mamba 3 steering pedestal with the reduction gearbox and receptacle for the torque tube from the inside steering. -Or maybe any ideas or a suitable replacement?   Regards   Frederik  

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Debulois answered 3 years ago

Sorry for my english but I think marine-stock, Ouistreham, near the ferry to England, will can help you.
You can contact them by :
Claude, Blue Peter, Seastream 43

Andy answered 3 years ago

Hi Frederik,
Try Cliff Mogridge – https://yachtsteeringservices.com/
He’s based in Emsworth on the UK south coast.
He’s always sorted any steering problems I’ve had (and at a reasonable price).
Regards Andy (Limbara)

Frederik Johannsen answered 3 years ago

Thank you all for your swift reply – much appreciated. I have tried to contact both Marine stock and Cliff – waiting for an answer.. fingers crossed. fair winds to you all

Tim answered 3 years ago

Sorry for delay on my reply. But yes Cliff Mogridge knows more about whitlock stuff than most and can provide spares.