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Chris Collin asked 4 years ago

Does anyone have a rigging guide for the 34?
On Moonbird there is a problem with crossover and chaffing of the main and mizzen rigging lines where they attach at the rear quarters of the pilot house roof.  The rigging seems to be in accordance with the technical drawings.  Does anyone else have this crossover and chafing. Is it just a matter of protecting the rigging line?
On the technical drawing there is also a mizzen rigging line running forward to the front of the pilot house roof area. Moonbird doesn’t have this. Is it a problem?. Seems like its been like that for quite a few years.

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Tim Good Staff answered 4 years ago

Can’t say personally but posting this sort of question on the Practical Boat Owner forum would yield a lot of replies I’m sure.

I’ve input all the members emails into a database just now so that any future questions will fire a notification to them that a new question is posted. As such when you posted this Question no one will be aware of it until that happen to come back to this site to view.