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Leif asked 4 years ago

I own a 1979 built seastream 34 which i believe to be hull number 16 built by spectrum marine.  I was wondering if anyone knows who the original supplier of deck house windows might be?
They are probably  out of business but if not i would like to know who they are in case the original pattern still exists

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DEBULOIS Claude answered 4 years ago

HATCH – hello, I also searched for my 43 and did not find. I sent the model to Seaglaze and they made me in super quality. Anodized aluminum plus epoxy paint. SEAGLAZE (01603) 720 745 – NR13 6LH

Chris answered 4 years ago

I have a 34 which I’m updating in Holyhead. The centre opening window is nearing renewal due to corrosion. Houdini windows in Essex can make new windows to your spec. The prices ranged from £400 – 720 plus vat for either fixed, hinged or 1/3 hinged.  I’m going to give my window a second chance.