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Julian Scudamore asked 4 years ago

I learnt to drive when there was no MoT and any oil pressure was a luxury so wasn’t phased by the lowish oil pressure (by todays’ standards) of the 18 year old 43 we were buying; but that was 20 years ago.
At the start of our cruise back from Mahon to Lisbon in July, I was horrified to see zero pressure and immediately cut the engine. Then I recalled that the low pressure alarm hadn’t activated until the engine had stopped, suggesting possible gauge failure. Re-starting the engine seemed to confirm that and we have arrived back in Lisbon.
That incident led me to ponder what Mercedes consider to be the minimum safe working pressure and the questions below:

1. Is there a Mercedes minimum working oil pressure? if so, what is it?

2. What pressure do you expect when motoring? We tend to motor at around 1200RPM on calm water.

3. Where is the oil pressure relief valve located and is it ever a problem?

4. The engine sounds as sweet as ever but feel it is perhaps time to restore the pressure, especially as we intend to sell, so if anyone out there has experience in restoring pressure especially if it doesn’t involve major surgery, please tell.

Happy sailing

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Tim Good Staff answered 4 years ago


Sorry I personally can’t help you with this but it is the type of question that would get traction on the YBW practical boat owner forum. Lots of experience on there with this type of this. Are you a member on there?