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Helen Shrewsbury asked 4 years ago

I’ve read on this site the interesting comments about how leaks were rectified on hull/deck fitting on a 43, but wondered if anyone else has experienced these leaks?    If so, how were they remedied?  At this stage we don’t want to remove the teak toe rail.   Thanks

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Tim Good answered 4 years ago

I have some ingress but it’s hard to tell exactly where and what from. I’ve just been insulating under the deck in the saloon and assumed I was getting ingress from outside but now I think it was condensation. I also have a couple concealed port lights behind cabinets and found one to be leaking. I’m not 100% sure I have leaks from the cap rail but it’s possible.

helen shrewsbury answered 4 years ago

Thinks Tim.  We’re rebedding all our portlights at the moment as some were leaking and we guessed none of them had been resealed for 20 years.   I’m in touch with the original boat builder – Phil Collins – and I’ve asked him to come and have a look at the deck/hull join to see what he thinks.  Will let you know if/when this happens.

Julian scudamore answered 4 years ago

Hi Helen
My first reaction is ‘hard luck’ as, in my case, the remedy is a long and immensely tedious job. We have an early Mk1 so I’m not sure how much your construction varies from mine. I have been meaning to submit technical articles ever since Tim started the group but the time has never been there. Now we have decided to sell her I will try to get round to it before I forget everything. Getting back to your problem, I would expect it’s basis to be the same as ours but hopefully without the complications of the poorly conceived and executed construction. I would be happy to talk you through it in the absence of written guidance but it will almost certainly require removing the wood if the hull/deck joint is leaking and establishing that is no mean feat. It is not expensive if you DIY but very labour intensive.
Kind regards

helen shrewsbury answered 3 years ago

Thank you Julian – I think!!!   We are fortunate that we are in touch with the original boat builder who is coming to the boat in the New Year to have a look at where the leak may be coming from.  Having information from you would be really helpful.  my email address is helen.shrewsbury77@yahoo.com so I\\\’d really appreciate any information you can give me.   Although we are out of the water at the moment doing a huge amount of work, I fear we may not have time to resolve this, if it is infact a deck/hull leak, until we get back to NZ in a few years time…!  Fingers are firmly crossed we do not have a major issue!