Author: Tim Good
Boat: Shadowfax (43)

Ok so this is not limited to Seastreams but most of the 43’s have quite a few power hungry down-light bulbs in the deck saloon. 10 in ours to be precise. I don’t know exactly how much power they used before we replaced them but it was a lot. Approx 25w x 10.

Since then I’ve replaced with an LED Alternative. When doing research I wanted:

    1. Same brightness as the old ones (very)
    2. No warm up time
    3. Warm light. Not horrible blue light
    4. Plug and go into existing fitting (max 25mm)
g4 9smd 2835
G4 9 SMD 2835

The solution was something called a G4 9 SMD 2835 Planar Disc Lamp. They are actually quite common now and range from around £1.50 to £8. Ours were around £6 each from and they kick out about 145 lumens which is quite a lot for only a 1.2W bulb. All 10 in our saloon take the same power as one of the old ones! They have a G4 fitting and work from 12V so no additional transformers required. Just plug and go.